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Our Logo – The Ginkgo Tree...
What it represents.

The ginkgo tree is one of the world’s oldest and most robust living objects. Described by Charles Darwin as a "living fossil" in his 1859 'Origin of Species', the label reflects the fact that the gingko has survived since Jurassic times, with fossils recognisably related to the modern ginkgo tree dating back some 270 million years. 

Some ginkgo trees alive today are said to be 3,000 years old. The ginkgo tree really showed its unflinching tenacity by surviving the Hiroshima atomic blast in 1945. When the atomic bomb was unleashed on Hiroshima almost every living thing perished, however the ginkgo trees were merely charred and returned to full health. These same ginkgo trees live to this day. For these reasons, the ginkgo tree is seen by many as one of nature's greatest wonders.  
We feel in business you need to show this relentlessness and tenacity in the face of challenge and adversity, and as such we chose the ginkgo tree as a symbol of our strength and perseverance.
We have an obligation to build buildings that are beautiful, sustainable, and in harmony with both the landscape and the environment. The buildings we build today, like ginkgo trees, will be around for a long time after we are dead and gone.

“In more than 50 years as a practicing architect all over the world, dealing with a vast variety of clients, I never had an experience as rewarding as the one I had with John Ronan. He is an extraordinary man, brilliant mind, great vision, very focused and determined to achieve the objective he has set up. He has a wide ranging interest in architecture with a strong cultural sense and a commitment to achieving the best possible answers to the myriad problems encountered in the process of building large buildings. It was a pleasure and an honor to work with him.”

Kevin Roche
- World renowned Pritzker Prize winning architect with whom we conceived the National Conference Centre Dublin.


“Real estate is in many ways a ‘contact sport’, it requires intensity in the framework of sportsmanship…roughness, together with grace. Johnny has always had both, in the up as well as down periods. He imagined that Battersea was developable and knew better than anybody else how to make it so. The enthusiasm and vision that characterized his trajectory haven’t vanished. He’ll be back and the game will be much more the better because of his contributions.”

Rafael Viñoly
- Architect on Battersea Power Station development scheme in London. One of the world’s most accomplished and revered architects, Rafael has been awarded the architectural Medal of Honor from the American Institute of Architects.


“I first had the honor and privilege of working with Johnny Ronan ten years ago. During that time we worked on the development of a stunning new hotel, and until today, Johnny has been a great friend and partner to The Ritz-Carlton. He shares The Ritz-Carlton commitment to excellence, a clear vision and has the focus, drive and organizational skills to execute.”

Herve Humler
- President & Chief Operations Officer, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C.


“I have known Johnny Ronan for over 30 years. During that time we have built the majority of his projects and were delighted to undertake his construction work. He is one of the most dynamic and knowledgeable Property Developers I have dealt with. I have always found him firm but fair in my dealings with him.”

Kevin Kelly
- Former Chief Executive of John Sisk & Sons, Ireland’s largest building contractor.


“The Vodafone building was one of the largest office pre- lets of its time in Dublin. We developed a high quality corporate HQ with Johnny Ronan. We established an effective business partnership which designed a building which was able to maximise business efficiencies with a friendly environment, to perfectly fit with our brand and quickly become Vodafone’s new home.

Always highly professional, responsive and pragmatic in his approach, we found Johnny easy and efficient to work with, from design stage right through to its completion, which was on time and within budget. This resulted in not only a spectacular HQ for Vodafone but also in a building with the design flexibility which has stood the test of time.”

Stephen Brewer
- Former Chief Executive of Vodafone, who we developed the Vodafone HQ with.


Stephen Brewer

“Upon my return to China, having served as China's Ambassador to Iceland I sought a professional challenge with individuals of integrity and drive. John Ronan and his organisation epitomised these values with a vision to always push boundaries and create world class buildings while successfully embracing and adapting to our Chinese business culture. I enjoyed seven exciting years with John, achieving remarkable heights professionally, cross culturally and socially when we established the 'Forterra Foundation' specifically aimed to support education and welfare of children in China. The legacy of settling for nothing short of impeccable quality is evident in each and every project in Dublin, London and Shanghai. By gracefully navigating business in China, John highlights the flexibility and understanding required to make great things happen“

Ambassador Ronghua Wang
- Chief Advisory Officer at Beijing Budding Flower International Cultural Promotions Co., Ltd.